Turkey Wishes

Here is a great video for a turkey recipe that sounds yummy!

– short&sweet KG –


Turkey Time!

I love Thanksgiving! There is so much food and festivities, and food and family time, and food and food! (Did I mention the food?) 

And since Turkey is the go-to bird during this season, I thought I would share on of my favorite recipes. This recipe, by Martha Stewart, is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it! 

Definitely visit Martha Stewart’s website for wonderful and delicious recipes for this Thanksgiving!!


Food and family has a way of warming the heart, and so I am celebrating this year by having dinner with my family and baking a pie for them.

What are you thankful for this year?

– short&sweet KG –

Food fills the Soul

I have often believed that food can fill many voids in ones life.

I know that whenever I am feeling sad, I turn to food, a comfort of mine, to help me. While I understand that food is not something to gorge oneself upon to help eliminate or avoid problems, I do feel that a nice warm cup of tea, a sweet cookie, or a family favorite meal can help cure some of the heartache or ailment.

Food is a wonderful remedy. It is a life giving and can make someone feel full and content. This is why it is so important. Food replenishes not only the stomach, but the soul.

– short&sweet KG – 

Family & Food

My family likes to eat, and food is so important to us. 

We sat at the dinner table tonight and had a wonderful meal provided by my mom- Italian food! But it wasn’t just the idea that I had a delicious, warm meal in front of me that made this night as great as it was. It was the fact that my family and I were sharing time together. 

Now, I don’t always eat dinner with my family at the table. Often we eat at different times or in front of the TV (mainly watching Criminal Minds or some other drama television show). Still, tonight was incredibly fulfilling.


– KG –

Eating out – A food review –

I like going out to eat…a lot! (Like, a lot a lot). 

SO, this evening I decided to go out to dinner at The Porch! Now, if you live in the Sacramento, I would highly recommend going out to this place. While it was a little on the pricey side, it was absolutely delicious!!

I had their spinach salad with pears, pomegranates, and overall yumminess!  AND for desert, I had a chocolate pumpkin cookie baked in a skillet with ice cream. SOOO amazingly good! 

Seriously, if you would love to go out to eat! GO HERE!

You will not be disappointed 🙂