Tattoo Party



I don’t know how many people out there are into tattoos (I’m guessing it’s quite a few), but I have some already, and just got my 7th one done today. A friend from work was hosting a “tattoo party” (to clarify, no–we did not tattoo each other. The artist, Sara, came to the house and tattooed us) and I couldn’t wait until I got mine. 

The one I had my heart set on is one that I had wanted for about six or seven years, and finally decided to just go ahead and do it. Surprisingly, this one really didn’t hurt, which I found odd considering it’s pretty much all shaded in. The only part I really felt was the outlining, and when she was shading, I could feel the vibrations from the needles in my chest and back. It was a really odd sensation but wasn’t annoying. It took a lot less time than I thought and I’m thrilled with the end result, even though everyone at the party called it my “bleeding strawberry” and didn’t know what it meant to me. But hey, everyone’s tattoos mean something to them, even if those viewing don’t get it.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday night! I’m not saying you all need to go get a tattoo, but go out and have fun!



PS this is what I’m listening to tonight: 


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