Halloween Films!

Okay, so in the spirit of Halloween, I’ve made a list of some of the scary movies I think you should be watching, and some that I think you should stay away from (i.e. they’re either not scary, bad remakes, etc.). Also, please let me know if there’s any out there that I haven’t mentioned–I may not have seen them!

Movies to Watch:

Halloween (both the John Carpenter and Rob Zombie–very different versions of the same story. John Carpenter’s on of my all-time favorite films), 28 Days Later, The Stepford Wives (original only!), Psycho, Paranormal Activity 1-4 (do a marathon!), The Strangers (scares the bajeezus out of me no matter how many times I’ve seen it), Arsenic and Old Lace (not really scary, more of a comedy and Cary Grant is brilliant in it. Jim Carrey should do a remake…), Let the Right One In (actually a sweet movie), 30 Days of Night (the vampires give me the creeps), When a Stranger Calls (original only–pretty freaky), The Last Exorcism (I’m a wuss, I could hardly look at the screen), The Ring (I’ll never watch it again), Secret Window and of course, The Shining. (Don’t make fun, but I do like to watch Scream and the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies, too. They’re fun)

Movies to Stay Away From:

The Stepford Wives remake (absolutely terrible. Should never have been made), When A Stranger Calls remake (Again, terrible. Camilla Belle only has one expression the entire film), Drag Me to Hell (I thought it was hilarious–not scary at all), Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 (what’s with the mom turning into an angel?!), It (not scary!!!), 1408, The Innkeepers (boring), Cabin in the Woods (enough said), The House at the End of the Street (I like Jennifer Lawrence and all but that movie was not scary. At all.), and Devil. 

Hope this is helpful and that I may have introduced you to some new movies. This was a quick list so feel free to comment.

Happy Halloween!!!

Christian 🙂

PS here’s what I’m listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukNOaKeUEQY 


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