Two years ago tomorrow at 7:29 p.m. my son Kai Marteen Wiliams came into this world. He was 8.6 lbs and 19 inches long. 

My wish for him is that he grows up to be everything he will ever dream of and more. That he gets the chance to work at a job he loves, makes friends that stick around for life, and is healthy until the end of his days. I hope that my little man gets to enjoy his time here on this Earth and that I can witness his journey for as long as possible. I am so proud of him already and know that he will continue to make his dad and I proud.

He is so smart, learning quickly everything we introduce to him. He has a great little personality. He is a little comedian already. He loves all animals especially puppies and elephants, and he loves trains, and coloring. His masterpieces hang on our walls and fridge. Tomorrow he will turn two and I hope he enjoys his special day. 

I will love my baby forever and ever. Happy Birthday Kai.



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