Re-watching Alice in Wonderland

I was looking around on Netflix earlier today with a friend trying to decide what to watch. We came across Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Having not seen the film since I was a child, I thought it’d be fun. 

It’s an odd experience to re-watch a film that was a favorite of yours when you were younger as an adult. There are so many things that you miss as a kid–whether being jokes, innuendo or, in some cases, opium-smoking caterpillars. As a child, I missed all of these things, and the seriousness of certain situations that Alice encounters.

We all know the Mad Hatter was really “mad” because of the mercury in his hat, but as children we just think he’s some funny oddball guy. The mouse at the tea party (the one hiding in the teapot with sunken, sagging eyes) is really drunk off his bum. The caterpillar is not smoking hookah or some odd cigarette–it’s opium, and his difficulty expressing what he wants from Alice is not necessarily because of his intelligence, but because of the opiate’s effects. 

One thing that I  noticed that could concern parents is how trusting Alice was. First off, she follows some rabbit because she’s intrigued by him, and loses herself. The most disturbing thing to me is that she comes across liquids and cookies telling her to “eat me” and “drink me”, and she does–no questions asked. As kids we’re taught to say “no” to strangers offering us candy, and Alice is the girl who takes it. 

All in all, I really did enjoy watching the film again, but it’s definitely an interesting experience seeing all the things you missed out on as a kid. 

By the way, the Cheshire Cat was freaky back then and he’s freaky now.

Have a good Saturday night, people!


PS–listening to this:


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