Feeling like Dorothy


This evening I went out to dear with a friend of mine from out of town (Texas to be precise). As most people know, Texas is pretty known for it’s delicious BBQ, Mexican food, and yummy southern goodness. And so, seeing as my friend was from that state, I normally steer away from those food genres when she comes to visit. This time I decided to take her to go eat at OZ Korean BBQ (]website info located below).

While it was not my first time eating Korean food, or being at a Korean BBQ restaurant for that matter, it was my first time eating at OZ. I had heard numerous stories about it that had definitely made it a priority on my Places to Eat bucket list (everyone has one of those, right?). After being seated by our host, our server quickly came up to greet us, give us water, and explain the process of ordering and cooking (which I will get to later).  There were several options of meat to choose from, but my friend and I decided to order garlic shrimp, spicy pork, and sesame beef.

Now, if you have never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before, let me explain it to you:

The table that you are seated at has a small stove/grill in the middle, this is used to cook the meat that you order, which comes out to you raw. Vegetables are also cooked on the grill if that is how you prefer them. What is nice about this, is that cooking your own food gives you full advantage on determining how cooked you want it to be. You are in full control, you are the chef for the night.

All of the food was so yummy, and I was surprised by how many sides they gave us (wasabi salad, rice paper, vegetables, rice, and more). The spicy pork was my favorite alongside the sesame beef, and I enjoyed grilling the meat to how crispy I wanted it to be. Eating at OZ was a great experience, one that I encourage everyone to have.

Overall, the meal was delicious, the company was amazing, and the night was great! I highly recommend OZ Korean BBQ! Definitely check it out!


Go forth and produce something sweet (or savory)!

– Short&Sweet KG –


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