A Hidden Treasure



Who knew that the beach could be so much fun for a baby. I was introduced to a cute little beach right in the heart of the pocket area. If you go to Garcia Bend Park and follow the trail behind you can find the hide away. The beaches are nice, the water was cool, and the company was great. My son got to dig in the sand and run away from the waves, and he loved every minute. The plus of this beach is that unlike most around its free! Yes I just said FREE!! Unless you have a boat that you want to launch then it is $8.00. I don’t have a boat so I don’t know if that is cheap or not. 


I also got the chance to witness a new water activity. Basically for any of you who are Iron Man fans and remember the first movie where Tony Stark is attempting to control the boosters in order to fly, its like that. A giant hose like thing is attached to a jet ski and propels water through launching the rider in the air. You have to balance yourself in order to not fall on your face (which does hurt, I’ve seen bruises). It was pretty awesome and apparently everyone else thought so as well since their phones were out recording and taking pictures. 




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