Crazy Thoughts

Zombie Preparedness

Saturday morning I wake up early to go into work and catch up on some things. Office hours are Monday-Friday so I knew there’d be no one there. I put on a t-shirt and jeans, grab a double-shot latte, and head to work.

In a dorky way, it was kind of fun being there when no one else was. I work in a business park, so it’s deserted on the weekends. I took off my shoes, put in my iPod and went to work.

I was there for three hours, almost enjoying myself, when I hear a click and everything shuts off–the lights, computers, everything. A second later I thought I heard a crash or fumble out in the hallway. I started shaking, sitting at my desk in the back corner of the office, by myself, listening to She & Him.

I put my shoes back on, grabbed my keys, bag and phone, went to the door and peered out into the dark abyss that was the hallway. I don’t know what I expected, but all of a sudden I had a feeling that there was a murderer around that would find me or maybe this was the zombie apocalypse.

I went back in the office, put my work away (the only light I had was the flashlight on my phone that I remembered being a lot brighter), went back to the door and got the hell out of there. I made it outside (alive) and immediately felt better–seeing the sun can do that to a person. I ran into SMUD outside who told me there was a power outage in the area.

Yes, I figured it was something as simple as a power outage, but I love where my mind takes me. I’m going to get murdered by a crazed man who enters a business park on a saturday when no one is around. I’m going to have to fashion a weapon to take off the heads of zombies in the hallway. I’m going to have to fight off the ghosts that turned off the lights and who are guarding the doors.

The point of this is that even though your imagination or thinking processes can take you to places that may even freak you out every once in awhile, it’s fun to go there. Gives you a little drama for the day.


PS this is what I was listening to when the lights shut off. Enjoy!


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