They way you love me is something like your sports car


The love he has for me is driven
Driven by the way he holds my stick
His touch as he grabs his favorite part of my body
Steers my feelings for him
As he touches my G-spot my engine purrs
Every time he revs it he turns me on
The way he pushes my buttons is not at all a bad way
He tells me when I speak its music to his ears
The bass in my voice turns him on
That new cherry perfume you bought I loved
The way you lightly sprayed it on my tight leather body
It showed me how much you care
You keep me fabulously polished from the tip of my trunk
To the front of my hood
You keep fresh shoes on my feet every year
And I never had to worry about being thirsty because hydration
Is one of the many things your good at
Only Premium for my woman he says as he pulls the lever
Its part of his expensive taste for sexy women
When we’re together people cant help but to stare at his
Hands around my big body
He’s the ‘OH” to my CamrO
I am not only in love with YOU
But the way YOU love me

-Lipstick Leena Lipstick Leena


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